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Laika Stamp. Posta Romana - - Laika B. Russia Hates Dogs Part 6 - Laika. Categories : animal deaths events in the Soviet Union in spaceflight Animals in space exploration Famous dogs Laika dog breed November in the Soviet Union Space program fatalities Space program of the Soviet Union Sputnik-2 Space exploration firsts.

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Laika the Dog & the First Animals in Space

Soviet space dog. Upload media. Soviet space dog, street dog in Moscowmongrel Alaskan HuskyTerrierdog.Laika confound expectations at every turn.

They then enlisted the skills of drummer Lou Ciccotelli ex of seminal noiseniks God and who also fronts percussion ensemble Eardrum. The second album, Sounds of the Satellites [] was more melodic than its predecessor but as ever, the music was a sexually charged mass of urban psychosis and fluid rhythmical tension. Again the press raved about them and Thom Yorke asked them to support Radiohead on the UK stretch of their tour.

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It was attempting to reflect an emphasis on live performance often lacking in other bands that use electronics. The Good Looking Blues tour took Laika all over Europe and North America, playing to their largest and most enthusiastic audiences yet. Once a Laika fan, always a Laika fan, and this time they brought their friends!

A couple of free days in January were given over to a trip to Istanbul, Turkey where Laika played two nights to packed houses. All in all, Laika's best year yet. Wordy title, yes, but Laika's most simple and direct album to date. It does what it says on the tin folks. Longtime bass player John Frenett was replaced by Iain Ross and the band has never sounded better. Gigs in far flung places like Macedonia went down a storm and Laika have secured a place in the heart of Eastern Europe.

Might be something to do with the band name??? The first half of saw Laika tour in support of their fourth album. Touring as a two piece across Europe Guy and Margaret worked harder than ever before.

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Wonderful shows were had in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Zurich to name a few! A full-band lineup toured Poland in May and will be coming back for more in - motorways or not! Writing and recording and generally trying to make ends meet - the fifth studio album will be released later in the year.

Where it is going no-one knows but it will be an adventure for all involved.The Soviet Union stunned the world on Nov. On board the small satellite was a little dog, Laika, the first animal to orbit Earth. However, Laika was not the first animal in space. The United States and the U. In the early days of rocket science, no one knew what the effects of weightlessness would be. Animals — mainly dogs, monkeys and chimps — were used to test the safety and feasibility of launching a living being into space and bringing it back unharmed.

Since then, animals have continued to play an important role in understanding the impact of microgravity on many biological functions. Astronauts have studied all kinds of animals — wasps, beetles, tortoises, flies, worms, fish, spiders, rabbits, bees, ants, frogs, mice, crickets, rats, newts, snails, urchins, moths, brine shrimp, jellyfish, guinea pigs, butterflies, scorpions and cockroaches.

Laika was a young, mostly-Siberian husky. She was rescued from the streets of Moscow. Soviet scientists assumed that a stray dog would have already learned to endure harsh conditions of hunger and cold temperatures.

Laika and two other dogs were trained for space travel by being kept in small cages and learning to eat a nutritious gel that would be their food in space. The dog's name was originally Kudryavka, or Little Curly, but she became known internationally as Laika, a Russian word for several breeds of dog similar to a husky. American reporters dubbed her Muttnik as a pun on Sputnik.

Unfortunately, Laika's trip into space was one-way only. A re-entry strategy could not be worked out in time for the launch. It is unknown exactly how long Laika lived in orbit — perhaps a few hours or a few days — until the power to her life-support system gave out. Sputnik 2 burned up in the upper atmosphere in April Although there is no distinct boundary between the atmosphere and space, an imaginary line about 68 miles kilometers from the surface, called the Karman line, is usually where scientists say Earth's atmosphere meets outer space.

The first animals to reach space — not counting any bacteria that may have hitched a ride on previous rockets — were fruit flies.

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On Feb. In 3 minutes and 10 seconds, the fruit flies reached a distance of 68 miles. The first mammal in space was Albert II, a Rhesus monkey. Albert I's mission had been unsuccessful, but the second Albert reached a distance of 83 miles on June 14, Albert was anesthetized during flight and implanted with sensors to measure his vital signs. Unfortunately, Albert II died upon impact at re-entry.

While the United States was experimenting with monkeys, the Soviet Union was experimenting with dogs. During the s and s, the Soviet Union had slots for at least 57 dogs. However, because some dogs flew more than once, fewer than 57 actually participated. The dogs reached space on July 22,but did not orbit.Press ESC to exit.


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Select one Female Male Unspecified.The major habitat is estuaries of KolymaIndigirkaYana and Lena. In terms of functionality, Yakutian Laikas might serve as a reindeer herder's dog olenegonkahunter's dogand a sled dog.

In Septemberthe FCI officially accepted the breed. Yakutian Laikas were developed in ancient times by native Yakuts involved with hunting mammals and birds; the dogs were indispensable assistants. They proved to be a valuable asset and became companions to the Yakuts. In the Sakha languagethis breed is known as "Sakha yta" meaning "Yakut dog".

This is a versatile dog with excellent sense of smell, hearing and vision, strong hunting drive, endurance; they are aggressive to predators and soft and gentle to humans. They are multi-purpose, have got excellent sense of smell, absolute pitch and good eyesight. Yakutian Laikas are not demanding to conditions of life and easily endure the hostile climate of northern Siberia. In harsh Siberian conditions they reveal their stamina; they tend to work in small groups and can work through the whole day, from dawn to sunset.

Popularity of dog sledding appeared with the arrival of Russian traders to the Arctic. With the increased demand for white polar foxes in the 17th century, the Arctic exploration received its spike.

Origin and subsequent formation of the breed are still not quite known, but because of the hard to access country and extreme natural conditions, Yakutian Laikas have lived as primitive aboriginal breeds; they were rarely confined and mated freely. Naturally, local type dogs could be preserved only under conditions of complete isolation from dogs of other breeds. First scientific descriptions of dogs of Yakutia were published in late 18th century, when first geographic studies of the north were conducted.

It is even more strange that so little attention was paid to description of dogs of the north; their ancestral aboriginal type and numerous varieties remain obscure.

This monograph was written in Russian Geographic Society gave task to Mr. Maak to investigate Vilyuisk District. InV. Describing dogs of Yakuts, Seroshevsky divides them into two groups, 1 guarding and hunting dogs and 2 maritime sled dogs. Yokhelson Johelson? Except southwestern part of the territory, one can find dogs in every yurta, which are used for hauling firewood and other works needed by the household.

The polar dog is not big, cm at the shoulder… In the appearance, with his prick ears, oblique set eyes, thick coat and broad massive head, pointed muzzle, low carried tail when the dog is tired, eats or in a bad moodthe dog is very similar to wolf. Among them, there are shaggy dogs, and somewhat blunt muzzle not different from our Spitzes … Generally, type of Kolyma sled dog is diverse and, perhaps, it is a mix between Kamchatka and Eskimo sled dogs with another imported breed.

It stands to a reason that other dogs relocated here together with new immigrants. In principle, it remains so today and the dogs little changed with the spreading civilization in the Yakutian north. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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When used in context, it refers mostly to the form it took in the period from the s to the s. It was the Greek version of the international popular music of the era. In the s the first rebetiko recordings had a massive impact on Greek music. Laiko music evolved from the traditional Greek music of the ancient and the medieval Greek era and was established until the present day. Among the most significant songwriters and lyricists of this period are George Zambetas and the big names of the Rebetiko era that were still in business, like Vassilis Tsitsanis and Manolis Chiotis.

The choice of contrasting the notions of "westernized" and "genuine" may often be based on ideological and aesthetic grounds. Laiko interacted more westernized sounds in the late of s. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Karantis on e-Orfeas.

Music of Southeastern Europe the Balkans. Albania performers Bosnia and Herzegovina performers Bulgaria performers Croatia performers Cyprus performers Greece performers Kosovo performers Moldova performers Montenegro performers North Macedonia performers Romania performers Serbia performers Slovenia performers Turkey performers Yugoslavia performers. Greek musical instruments. Byzantine lyra Organon.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Contemporary Entehno Nisiotika Rebetiko Skiladiko.

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CyprusPontusConstantinopleSouth Italy. Greek folk musicByzantine musicRebetiko. Africa Africa.Laika, a stray mongrel from the streets of Moscowwas selected to be the occupant of the Soviet spacecraft Sputnik 2 that was launched into outer space on 3 November Little was known about the impact of spaceflight on living creatures at the time of Laika's mission, and the technology to de-orbit had not yet been developed, so Laika's survival was never expected. Some scientists believed humans would be unable to survive the launch or the conditions of outer space, so engineers viewed flights by animals as a necessary precursor to human missions.

Laika died within hours from overheatingpossibly caused by a failure of the central R-7 sustainer to separate from the payload.

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The true cause and time of her death were not made public until ; instead, it was widely reported that she died when her oxygen ran out on day six or, as the Soviet government initially claimed, she was euthanised prior to oxygen depletion. On 11 AprilRussian officials unveiled a monument to Laika.

A small monument in her honour was built near the military research facility in Moscow that prepared Laika's flight to space. It portrayed a dog standing on top of a rocket. She also appears on the Monument to the Conquerors of Space in Moscow.


After the success of Sputnik 1 in OctoberNikita Khrushchevthe Soviet leaderwanted a spacecraft launched on 7 Novemberthe 40th anniversary of the October Revolution. Construction had already started on a more sophisticated satellite, but it would not be ready until December; this satellite would later become Sputnik 3.

Meeting the November deadline meant building a new craft. Planners settled on an orbital flight with a dog. Soviet rocket engineers had long intended a canine orbit before attempting human spaceflight; sincethey had lofted twelve dogs into sub-orbital space on ballistic flights, working gradually toward an orbital mission set for some time in To satisfy Khrushchev's demands, they expedited the orbital canine flight for the November launch.

The craft was equipped with a life-support system consisting of an oxygen generator and devices to avoid oxygen poisoning and to absorb carbon dioxide. Enough food in a gelatinous form was provided for a seven-day flight, and the dog was fitted with a bag to collect waste. A harness was designed to be fitted to the dog, and there were chains to restrict her movements to standing, sitting, or lying down; there was no room to turn around in the cabin.

An electrocardiogram monitored heart rate and further instrumentation tracked respiration rate, maximum arterial pressure, and the dog's movements. Laika was found as a stray wandering the streets of Moscow. Soviet scientists chose to use Moscow strays since they assumed that such animals had already learned to endure conditions of extreme cold and hunger.

Laika, the Russian name for several breeds of dogs similar to the huskywas the name popularised around the world. According to some accounts, the technicians actually renamed her from Kudryavka to Laika due to her loud barking.

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The Soviet Union and United States had previously sent animals only on sub-orbital flights. To adapt the dogs to the confines of the tiny cabin of Sputnik 2, they were kept in progressively smaller cages for periods of up to 20 days. The extensive close confinement caused them to stop urinating or defecating, made them restless, and caused their general condition to deteriorate.


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